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Four burners podcast

A Brand New Podcast From Josh Earl

Four Burners, is based on the four burners theory; Imagine your life is represented by a stove top with four burners; each burner represents a different facet of your life.
Family. Friends. Health.Career.
If you have them all going at 100% all the time you are bound to burn out. The theory suggests if you want to be successful you need to turn one off. If you want to be super successful, you need to turn off two.
Which ones are you choosing? Or which ones are you turning off?

Josh Earl on The Project
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Josh on the project

Modern. Contemporary. on at MICF April 12-24

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MODERN. CONTEMPORARY. 4 stars in the age

If you don’t already, you really should get to know comedian Josh Earl

"On top of a podcast that’s winning him fans, Josh Earl’s comedy festival show is wholesome and hilarious" 

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Josh gets serious on wilosophy, listen Here

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