“Josh Earl has mastered the craft of musical comedy. His songs on Skyping his mum, scrabble with the in-laws, and a neglected stand-up routine for a Penthouse magazine showcase are pure pop genius; well crafted three and a half minute songs, jocular in tone, but as memorable as anything you’d hear on the radio. It’s not that all musical comedy is passé or a cheap gimmick; it’s just that Josh Earl does it exceptionally better than anybody else around. Get the man a record contract and a low budget YouTube clip, and sit back and watch it go viral. Josh Earl take a bow.” – Brendan Hitchens – Inpress Magazine 2012

”It’s hard to find the right adjective to describe Josh Earl. He is a contrast. On the one hand he presents a show of high energy, adorably relatable, poppy joy. But he is also dryly acidic, knowingly exasperated and bluntly honest. However I can think of a couple of adjectives that do fit him neatly, such as fabulously funny.

This is not a show that will disappoint. In fact I was thrilled to see this young (yeah I said young) comedian’s latest stage of evolution. Josh Earl is a youthful thirty years old. But he is also fabulously funny.” Annette Slattery Squirrel Comedy 2012

“Full of genuinely touching sentiments about relationships that are cheekily honest and truly hilarious, Earl will have you feeling reassured that your relationship problems are common, as well as comedy gold. You’ll want him to stay on stage for another hour as you realise his show is coming to an end. 4 Stars” Alex Samspon, The Herald Sun March 2011

“To find a comedian that has you laughing the entire way through a show is hard. To find one that you could happily sit through another hour of is almost impossible, but he managed to do just that. Take your mum – or your teenager! Final Word: Delightful.”
Bridie Toomer, Rip It up (Adelaide) 4 Mar 2010

“A child of the modern age, he’s in touch with all the modern zeitgeists (Facebook, Emo kids, op-shop T-shirts, raunchy chart-pop)… He knows he’s cute, knows he’s funny, has every right to be slappably smug, but pulls it off with such precocious style that you’ll want to give him a warm hug by the show’s end. Fans of Flight Of The Conchords take note: this kid has potential. 4 Stars”
Kerrie Hickin, The Age, 22 Apr 2009

“I loved [Josh Earl], full of witty songs, sly pop culture references and just plain funny jokes. From correcting punks on the grammar printed on their clothing to telling his old high school’s graduating class they are lucky to have not lived in the dark days of researching reports on Encarta, he is razor sharp. Earl is a brainy comedian who’s not afraid to throw in a crass joke when his material is getting too clever.”
Gemma King, The Pun, 8 Apr 2009